SEO? Now I Understand…

Search Engine Optimization In Cebu City

I thought I would dedicate my first post to a wonderful young man Colin Walter Lewis from Octopus SEO in Cebu.I met Colin recently by chance in a local restaurant in Kasambagan, while trying out some local Filipino food at lunchtime. I was sitting on the next table to him and overheard his distinct British Accent and once we both had finished eating I thought (being new in town) I’d strike up a conversation.

I asked Colin what he was doing here and he told me he was running a Digital Marketing Agency in Cebu. My next question was what on earth is digital marketing? Colin went on to say that he helps small business marketing their websites online. I must admit I had heard the acronym SEO somewhere before and knew in some round about way it was something to do with the internet.

After a good half hour chat with Colin I know had a simplified understanding and a new found knowledge of why Search Engine Marketing is important if you want your website or blog to be seen by the search engines like Google. I now know I need Backlinks from good quality Referring Websites, my site needs to optimize for On-Page SEO so the search engines can easily read and index my site. I need my Social Media Sites created and updated for Google to find Social Signals. Also, I found out the speed and load time for a website is important for visitors to stick around.

As result of meeting Colin from Octopus SEO, I decided to hire him as my new Web Designer and SEO expert. So far I must say I am very impressed with the look and feel of my website and very excited to get my name out there and receive lots of traffic.

I would highly recommend Octopus SEO for your Search Engine Marketing and if you would like to know more I would recommend him a top Cebu SEO Specialist.

You can check out Octopus SEO’s website here –