Once upon a time women everywhere were blessed with the ability to sew. Not just because they loved it; as a matter of fact, love had very little to do with it. Sewing was an absolute necessity in the households of yesteryear. Mothers in addition to their role as caretaker, cook, nurse, and cleaner held the role of seamstress, making and mending clothes for the family and linens for the home. Subsequently, sewing was a skill that was passed down from generation to generation an essential ability of all up and coming women. Today, with a bevy of retail stores at our fingertips, sewing is not something we have to do; but, rather, is something we choose to do. And many people choose to sew for a variety of reasons. Chances are, if you are someone who enjoys sewing than you have had many a sewing basket on hand throughout the years.

We may remember a sewing basket from the days of our grandparents; perhaps you remember one sitting near the feet of your grandmother as she sewed. The sewing basket has modified its appearance for modern times taking on a variety of looks to suit contemporary tastes.